Grand Haven Lake Michigan Fishing Report


Salmon Wagon Sport Fishing of Grand Haven reports Decent night on Lake Michigan, 80-110 feet of water was spot. We ran up to the 8's and set in 110 fow. The fish were scattered from the surface to the bottom, with most of the Kings coming around the 40-50 down mark. Best Rods 125 copper with a UV Gator Stingray150 copper With a Blue Green UV Dolphin200 copper Pig Pen Flasher/ Glacier UV200 copper Live Wire/ Wild Fern300 copper 8" Icee/ Zenith Meat rig300 copper 8"Blue Bubble/ Oceana UV fly400 copper 8" white with glow/ Wild fern meat rig40 out down Mixed Veggies UV 40 out down Pickle Seed UV80 rigger White 11" fishscale Oceana UVSlide Diver 110' Mixed Veggies These were thew rods that were most of the fish. We ended up killing 14 for I'm not sure on bites but we had multiple Triples this evening. Best troll was south at 1.9/2.3 sog. … [Read more...]

8-13-2014 UP Northern Lake Michigan:


Port Captain Bill Myers from Deltadawn Charters Reports from Gladstone :   It's a little late in the season here in the UP to say that things are hearing up. But, the water is finally warming up - just in time to cool down again for the fall and winter. Though the fishing has been getting better every day with the warmer water temperatures.  On down riggers, the fish have been biting at depths of 40ft to 80ft in a 120ft water column. They've been hitting hard on spoons, flasher flies, and Cereal Killer meat rigs. It was a busy, beautiful weekend aboard the Delta Dawn. Good weather, great guests and even better fishing.  I repositioned to Escanaba to take a group of guys from Detroit out who are up here working. They said bringing those big salmon in was harder work than what they were up here to do.  After that, I made the run back to Manistique and got ready for an early morning charter with another father and sons team. They brought in some beautiful king salmon and … [Read more...]

8-12-2014 Lake St. Clair:


Port Capt. Frank Piku of Golden Streaker Charters Reports from Lake St. Clair:   The Canadian south shore produced the best muskie fishing  this year. One of my Anglers was a 13 year old girl who landed a 49" muskie after an awesome battle … [Read more...]

8-11-2014 Southern Lake Michigan:

Director SLM Captain Ron Westrate From First Call 2 Charters reports from Saugatuck:   The week started with outstanding fishing with limit mixed bag catches in 110-160 FOW.  The number of salmon increased and the number of lake trout decreased in the creel composition.  In the middle of the week the fishing slowed and this weekend we went back into 70-100 FOW and caught good numbers of lake trout with some kings and steelhead mixed in. This week's best combinations were: orange crush Stingers on 100 coppers, mixed veggie UV and Craig's reverse x-mas on 150 coppers, and chrome blue Protroll with blue bubble Rapture fly and green glow Ace-hi plug, On the longer coppers we ran green double glow and white double glow Protroll flashers w. hypnotist flies. Superfrog and Davy Jones Protroll flashers w. Rapture Wild fern flies on the divers produced very well at 160 and 100 foot out.  On the dodgers we ran chrome and tin can dodgers w white pink dot spin and glows for the trout on … [Read more...]

08-08-2014 UP Northern Lake Michigan:


Port Captain Bill Myers from Deltadawn Charters Reports from Gladstone : We accomplished it all today aboard the Delta Dawn; family time and a Cub Scouts merit badge. A nice family of four made their way to Manistique from Rockford, Illinois, so they could spend some quality family time here in the beautiful Upper Peninsula and their son could earn his Cub Scout merit bage for fishing. Thanks to Mother Nature and her blessing us with a HUGE mayfly hatch he had no trouble at all earning that badge. We started out losing ten nice ones and then managed to land 7 beauties and get them in the box - he'll have some great picture and memories to share with the rest of his group at their next meeting. The king where in 120ft to 140ft of water at 60ft to 70ft down. The steelies were hanging out in the upper water column at 15ft to 20ft down. … [Read more...]

08-08-2014 Northern Lake Huron:


Captain Terry Walsh MCBA President from Termar Charters Reports from Au Gres: June and July spoiled a lot of Saginaw Bay walleye anglers. Finding these fine game fish was easy—they were everywhere-- and limits were the norm within a few short hours at most. Progressing into August, the fishing has taken a different pattern, so don’t put those trolling rods away just yet. The fish are still there, the fishing is still excellent but more is now required by angler “walleye savvy” to catch them. Anglers who have kept meticulous records of where they have caught walleye over the years know pretty much where these fish are going to be at any given time of the year. I detest the word “always”, because I don’t believe anything is “always” true. However, Saginaw Bay walleye are going to be found 99-percent of the time in depths of 17 feet or less during the month of August. Veteran anglers out of Augres start setting up in the 14-foot depths once they are safely around Pt. … [Read more...]

08-07-2014 UP Northern Lake Michigan:


Port Captain Bill Myers from Deltadawn Charters Reports from Gladstone :   Another fantastic day aboard the Delta Dawn; four more guys from the Buckeye State fishing with me out of the Port of Manistique. They came to the U. P. for some father and son bonding time. Old Mother Nature gave us her blessing as we set sail in the beautiful waters of Lake Michigan with the first rays of a beautiful day coloring the horizon. The fishing started to get hot around 5am and they were still biting like crazy when we pulled our lines in at 11:00. We found them in 90ft of water between 30ft and 50ft down. It was one of those days when you no sooner got a fish in the boat that another one started taking line. Couldn't have asked for any better. … [Read more...]

08-05-2014 UP Northern Lake Michigan:


Port Captain Bill Myers from Deltadawn Charters Reports from Gladstone :   Four lucky fisherman, two from Pennsylvania and two from Ohio came to try their luck in the Upper Peninsula waters of Lake Michigan. It was a great day on the Delta Dawn; we sailed out of Manistique early this morning. They came to fish, and fish they did. Big guys and big fish add up to big fun. Late this morning we found fish in 144ft of water and they were 104ft down, which meant for a long haul fighting against some big fish to get them to surface. If those fish didn't want to break on their own these guys fought until they made it happen. Here's a picture of some happy fisherman and a sample of the days catch … [Read more...]

08-03-2014 Southern Lake Michigan:


Director SLM Captain Ron Westrate From First Call 2 Charters reports from Saugatuck: The Kings have shown up in Saugatuck. What a difference from the first part of the week to the weekend with creels containing more and more Chinook salmon each day. We started the week with very cold water and catches consisting of mainly Lake Trout but a few salmon and steelhead in the mix. By the weekend the catches consisted of limit catches of Chinook salmon and Steelhead and an occasional Lake Trout mixed in. On Saturday, our group from Louisville, Ky. Caught 25 fish of which only 3 were Lake Trout. That group, (fishing 3 days) took over 400 pounds of fillets back to Louisville to feed the friends and families. The salmon and steelhead are being caught from 10 to 50 foot down in 100 to 160 foot of water. 50 foot, 100 foot, 200 foot, and 300 foot of copper with orange stingers, Silver Horde plugs and flashers and flies all produced well at different times during the day. Down riggers 40 and … [Read more...]