6-29-2015 Lake Erie

Posted in: Fishing Reports, Lake Erie, Walleye Lake Erie walleye fishing charter Linda with a Lake Erie walleye Walleye fishing on Lake Erie has been on again and off again due to the weather. If you can get out and fish some of the most productive spots have been out between the shipping channel and West Sister Island in about 26 feet of water. I have been using spoons and 30 jet divers about 84 feet back, using 12lb mono. The fish have never picked out any colors accept dark days they seem to preffer painted baits and sunny days the copper and brass back shiney spoons. When the weather has been kind the Ohio water intake area has been holding some nice walleye. I fished the Michigan dump with wiggle warts earlier in the week and took a dozen fish after a little storm had passed. The water was muddy but the dump is still holding walleye. We also caught a rock bass, a large smallmouth bass, a cat fish and a few yellow perch. This weekend is looking like a total loss fishing … [Read more...]

6-29-2015 Southern Lake Michigan

Another good week of fishing, however a little slower than the past few weeks with our creel numbers ranged from 8 to 14 with salmon increasing in appearance each week. We have had two to four salmon on each of the trips this past week and they are weighing in about 12 pounds. We are fishing in 90 to 100 foot of water; however there have been good catches out to 125 foot of water. Our creel is still dominated by lake trout, however, we are seeing more alewife in the stomach of the lake trout (instead of gobies) and this should bring in more Chinook salmon. The method is still metal dodgers and spin n glos on the bottom for the lake trout. The best color combinations are tin can Gold Star dodgers and silver green and green and chartreuse spin n glos. And white glow Gold Star dodgers and white glow spin n glos. The Chinook salmon are coming on Pro Troll UV mixed veggie flasher and wild fern flies on 200 and 300 copper. The high dipsy divers with flashers and meat have … [Read more...]

6-22-2015 Southern Lake Michigan

Capt. Ron Westrate, Director SLM, reports from First Call ll . The creel this past week consisted of 99% lake trout and an occasional salmon or steelhead. The best fishing early in the week was 70 to 80 foot of water, however, by the weekend the best depth was the 90 to 100 foot depth. The fishing is still very good with morning charter creel numbers in the teens and afternoon charters producing numbers of 6 to 10 fish. The best method continues to be metal dodgers and spin n glos on the bottom for the lake trout and meat rigs 50 to 70 foot down for the salmon. We have been running the outdowns and low divers on the bottom and the middle rigger and the high divers 50 to 70 foot down. There has been very little action with the copper, although we are running 200, 300 and 400 foot of copper every time out. Perch fishing this past week was poor with reports of 6 to 20 fish but many boats failed to catch any perch but all the golbies you would want. Pier fishing was very … [Read more...]

6-15-2015 Southern Lake Michigan

Capt. Ron Westrate, Director SLM, reports from First Call ll . This past week produced some very good fishing with a mixed catch of lake trout and a few salmon in the creel. 90 to 100 foot of water produced lake trout on the bottom and salmon (up to 12 pounds) 40 to 60 foot down. The lake trout continues to be caught on metal Gold Star dodgers with silver/green, green/chartreuse Spin n Glos. The salmon were hitting Rapture fly meat rigs on the high divers at 180 and 200 foot. Also we did catch slamon on 200 and 300 foot of copper with Pro Troll silver/mountain dew and mixed veggie UV flashers with green hypnotist and wild fern Rapture flies. Sunday I saw the first good catch of perch. The fishermen had about 40 perch and a couple looked like walleye and exceeded 12 in. The fish were caught in 45 to 50 foot of water and this was the best perch catch I have seen in a couple of years. I hope this continues. For more information or to book a fishing charter, email me … [Read more...]

6-12-2015 Lake Michigan UP

delta dawn 6-12

Port Captain Bill Myers Reports From Gladstone in the UP They came from State of Kansas to try their hand at Little Bay de Noc walleye. We left the dock at 12 o'clock and was back with the fish all clean and bag by five o'clock. Here a few fish that tangles and family caught great day,great family, great time. The lilacs are still blooming fish were caught on cranks and harness in 8 to 10 feet. … [Read more...]

7-09-2015 Southern Lake Michigan

Capt. Ron Westrate, Director SLM, reports from First Call ll . What a change in three days. We went from trips catching 15 to 20 fish per trip to 5 to 8 fish per trip. After east and north winds during the week, the water cooled down and Saturday the water at the piers was 44 degrees. We caught some salmon out in 165 to 175 foot of water one day and the next day they were gone. We caught the limit of lake trout in 70 to 80 foot one day and two days later they were scarce. In addition, the stomach contents of the lake trout, early in the week, were predominately golbies and by the end of the week it was almost 100% alewife. Either the golbies left the area or the lake trout moved out or in to different water. The water changed, the bait supply changed and the fish scattered. The salmon are scattered from 20 foot down to 60 foot down and we caught them on high divers at 100 foot and on 100 foot, 200 ft. and 300 ft. of copper on flashers and flies and stingray lures. The … [Read more...]

6-02-2015 Southern Lake Michigan

Capt. Ron Westrate, Director SLM, reports from First Call ll . Fishing continues to be very good with two areas producing the best results. There continues to be a lot of fish in the 65 to 90 foot of water depth, however there are some decent catches in the 150 to 180 foot depth. In the shallower water the catch continues to be predominately lake trout with an occasional salmon and steelhead. In the deeper water we are finding more salmon (up to 15 pounds) and some steelhead mixed in. The salmon and steelhead in this area are scattered and you have to do some looking to find them, however the salmon are good size here and if you find the bait you will find the salmon. When fishing the inside water, the lake trout are are still being caught with metal Gold Star dodgers and Green and White/Glow Spin n Glos on the bottom. The salmon are coming on the 150 and 200 copper with Craigs Christmas and UV Watermelon Stingrays. When fishing the deeper water run … [Read more...]

5-25-2015 Southern Lake Michigan


Capt. Ron Westrate, Director SLM, reports from First Call ll . Tuesday May 19, about 20 charter and private boats took the Saugatuck Middle School 6th Grade class (about 67 students) on a fishing excrusion on Lake Michigan. The 6th grade class has been participating in the Salmon In The Classroom project during the year and the fishing trip was a reward given to them by the Lakeshore Charter Boat Association and private fishing members in the Saugatuck area. Even though there were high winds and seas and temperatures below 50 degrees, about 60 fish were caught during the outing. With the inclimate weather, some boats never made it out and no one fished over 2 hours. On returning to port, the catch was cleaned and Allegan Ducks Unlimited fried up the catch for students, staff and crews. All the students were then presented with a rod and reel thanks to the charter boat association, Huntington Bank and Shimano Tackle. Thank you to all that participated and donated there time to … [Read more...]

5-25-2015, Southern Lake Michigan


Director SLM Captain Ron Westrate From First Call 2 Charters reports from Saugatuck: Limit catches, best describes the fishing this past week. 95% to 99% of the catch is lake trout with the rest being an occasional salmon or steelhead. The lake trout are ranging from 3 to 14 pounds and are being caught from 60 to 90 foot of water. Metal flashers and spin n glos were definitely the best combination when run on the bottom. 150 and 200 copper with Stingray lures also produced some lake trout and salmon. High divers at 100 foot with white/glow and silver/mountain dew Pro Troll flashers and Rapture green hypnotist flies also produced an occasional lake trout or salmon, however the best method were the metal flashers. For more information or to book a charter, email me at captron@chartermichigan.com. This past weekend produced some fantastic results. Saturday we kept 22 fish and returned another 4. Sunday we kept 19 fish and returned 3 others. The vast … [Read more...]

05-18-2015 Southern Lake Michigan

Director SLM Captain Ron Westrate From First Call 2 Charters reports from Saugatuck: This past weekend produced some fantastic results.  Saturday we kept 22 fish and returned another 4.  Sunday we kept 19 fish and returned 3 others.  The vast majority of the fish are lake trout, however there are a few salmon  and steelhead mixed in.  The best location was 65 to 75 foot of water and we fished from the surface to the bottom. Most of the salmon were caught on 150 foot of copper with Stingray size lures with green and orange colors.  The steelhead hit small orange crush stingers on the surface while most of the lake trout were taken with metal flashers and spin n glos on the bottom.  We did take some fish with 11 in Pro Troll UV flashers and UV Rapture flies at 50 foot. Tomorrow we have the "Kids Outing" when 20 boats out of Saugatuck take out 65-70 6th grade students from Saugatuck Middle School.  The students have been participating in the "Salmon in the Classroom" project and as a … [Read more...]

05-2015 Southern Lake Michigan

Director SLM Captain Ron Westrate From First Call 2 Charters reports from Saugatuck: A very good week for fishing out of Saugatuck.  The water temperature is still in the low 40 degrees and the fish are scattered from the top to the bottom.  Early in the week we fished in 10 to 20 foot of water and caught some small salmon and a half dozen brown trout (one going over 12 pounds).  Sunday we fished from 50 to 70 foot of water and caught 22 lake trout and 7 chinook salmon.  The lake trout ranged from 5 pounds to 15 pounds but the salmon all weighed less than 2 pounds each. Metal flashers and green spin n glos on the bottom, produced most of the lake trout while the salmon were caught on small stingers on 30 ft, 75 ft, 100 ft. and 150 ft. copper. Our bigger salmon have not yet shown up in our water, however as the water warms, we should see more and larger salmon and steelhead in the creel.  If you are interested in booking a charter or just want information, email me at … [Read more...]

12-01-2014 Northern Lake Michigan:

Captain Lance Keene From SteelHead Hunter Charters Manistee:   As of right now the big Manistee river is high and very muddy, not fishable. But thats not the case in Saginaw Mi , on the river. Walleye fishing is absolutely on fire. I am going to be running trips there for the next week if not longer. I will be using my river boat for this as well. I have openings available call 810-444-8114 thanks lance starting on dec 2 -11. Walleye fishing we will basically be jigging either vertical or casting and retrieving. I will provide all equipment. The numbers of fish that we are catching is pushing 15-25 a day. A 15 in min to keep a walleye, with some fish over the 25 in mark. A 5 fish limit per person.  100 per person up to 4. We will be Steelhead fishing once river cleans back up. Thanks Capt Lance Keene   … [Read more...]

10-29-2014 Lake Michigan Manistee River:


Captain Lance Keene From SteelHead Hunter Charters Manistee:   As the nights become cooler and the leaves begin to change Steelhead Hunter has to transition from the Big lake to the River.  The big boat is all put away for the winter, but the river boat is tuned up and ready to go!  The summer was busy and brought many opportunities our way.  Capt. Lance was featured in Field and Stream Magazine in September.  His new name is "The Michigan Kid".  Capt. Lance was also featured on Ford Outfitters TV show in October.  If you didn't have a chance to see it you can check it out on The Sportsman Channel or at this link, www.thefordoutfitters.com Steelhead fishing is starting to fire up.  Here are some open dates: November:  19, 20, 28 December:  15, 16, 17, 18, 29 & 30. Slots fill up fast so book today. We will be Steelhead fishing until the river freezes up.  Once that happens look to us for your Ice Fishing Charters!   … [Read more...]