8-1-2016 Saugatuck / Holland fishing Report Lake Michigan


What a great week of fishing off of Holland and Saugatuck. The creels ranged from 10 to 20 fish per trip with lake trout exceeding 20 pounds and Chinook reaching the mid 20 pound range. In addition to the Chinook salmon and lake trout there were steelhead up to 12 pounds and coho pushing 10 pounds. Every day we had kings hit our lures run from 30 foot down to the bottom, however we did not catch the kings every day. A 20+ pound king will take off 600 foot (or more) of line with the initial hit and were it goes is anybodies guess, however you can bet that it will be into other lines producing tangles and often lost fish and gear. The salmon, as I said will hit 150 foot copper to 350 foot of copper with spoons and flashers and flies and they also hit on the flashers and flies that we ran on the bottom for lake trout. So basically you fish from 30 foot to 110 foot and what hits is often a surprise—often lake trout but some time steelhead, king salmon or coho salmon. Silver and UV … [Read more...]

Lake Michigan Fishing Report from Saugatuck Michigan

July 21b

What an interesting week this has been. Though out the week, when we left the dock we never knew what the day would produce. We started the week like we ended last week with 90% of the creel consisting of lake trout and the remaining 10% being steelhead and kings. By Wednesday the creels consisted of 50% lake trout and 50% kings and steelhead. Thursday and Friday produced creels consisting of 90% kings and 10% lake trout and steelhead. By Saturday we were back to primarily lake trout with an occasional silver fish. Fishing between fronts on Sunday we caught some coho along with some steelhead, lake trout and kings. Even though the fishing was unpredictable, the size of the fish was very good with catches having an average of 11 or 12 pounds per fish. The kings that we caught this week ranged from 16 to 22 pounds. We got to a point in the middle of the week were we decided that “less was more”. We had to reduce the number of copper lines and divers we ran because the kings would hit and … [Read more...]

07-16-2016 Northern Lake Michigan Manistique


Captain Bill Meyers of Delta Dawn Charters report that Northern U.P. Lake Michigan port of Manistique ON FIRE The salmon showed up 3 weeks early, the Alewife have been in the river since the first of June, and the walleye have been hard to catch! There are balls of bait everywhere. The lake trout, steelhead, Kings, and walleye are just stuffed full! We are getting good numbers of kings, in the 20 lb. range, with the biggest so far being 34.55 lbs. l'm sure there are some bigger ones around! Most boats are getting their limits with half of them being Kings. Fisherman are also getting a mixed bag of fish- lakers, steelhead, and the grand prize King. The fish are in 40 to 90 feet of water with the best bite being on spoons pulled on copper or lead. Good luck and have some fun fishing. Captain Bill Meyers of Delta Dawn Charters … [Read more...]

07-18-2016 Holland Saugatuck Fishing Report

parks 3

The kings started to show up in the creels more frequently this past week. We caught kings that weighed 18 to 21 pounds and in addition some of the lake trout exceeded this (there was a trout that pushed 30 pounds). The creels are still predominated by the lake trout however there are some steelhead and some kings mixed in. The best fishing continues to be in the 100 foot depth from Holland to 4 miles south of Saugatuck. The lake trout are still being caught on the bottom with spin n glos and mirage flies pulled behind silver flashers and dodgers on the downriggers and wire dipsy divers. The best set ups for the salmon are 350 and 250 foot of copper with bloody nose and coyote ugly spoons. We did take some salmon off the bottom with silver flashers and mirage flies behind the wire dipsies. The steelhead are in the upper 50 foot of the water column and are being taken on orange crush spoons. Still no good reports on the perch out of Saugatuck and Holland. The only good report I … [Read more...]

7-11-2016 Southern Lake Michigan Fishing Report


This past week produced some very good fishing between fronts that came in mid week and on the weekend. The creel consisted of mainly lake trout with a couple of steelhead and/or salmon thrown in each day with creel numbers of 10 to 20 fish per trip. On one of our multi boat charters, a boat boated a lake trout that pushed 30 pounds and there were also chinook salmon taken that pushed 25 pounds. Not a lot of salmon being caught, however there are some very good sized salmon out there. The lake trout are also very nice size, with the catches averaging about 10 pounds each. We are fishing from 85 foot of water to 110 foot of water. The steelhead are hitting any spoons that are orange and silver and orange and red that are pulled on 5 color lead core and/or 100 foot of copper. There are also some steelhead taken on 3 color lead core with orange and red thin fins. The best rigs for the salmon continue to be the super slim coyote ugly and the bloody nose pulled on 200 and … [Read more...]

07-04-16 Saugatuck Fishing Report

July 4d

This past week we saw all types of weather conditions with 90 + degree conditions with no wind to a 55 degree day with 30 knot winds and 8 foot seas. We saw the water temperature go from the high 40's to the mid 60's and then to the mid 40's over night and now slowly increasing into the high 50's. During the week we began fishing in front the piers, then moved out to 90 foot of water, then back in front the piers and today we were back out in 80 foot of water. Needless to say, there was no consistency to the week, however, the fishing was good with creel limits ranging from 2 to 10 fish per trip. The 2 fish catch does not sound very good however we had more than 10 steelhead on and fighting during the trip. If you fish steelhead you know that often you need three fish on to land one. Around the piers the best lure for the steelhead continues to be Thin Fins (Silver, Gold/Red, Red/Black, Orange/Red) run on flat lines, 2 and 3 color lead core and on the downriggers. When we moved … [Read more...]

June 27, 2016 Fishing Report Saugatuck

lake trout june 21

June 27, Fishing Report Lake water temperature is beginning to warm and most of the fish have left the shallow waters around the piers. However we had another week of good fishing out of Holland and Saugatuck producing creel numbers of 9 – 12 consisting of lake trout and steelhead. The best fishing was in 70 to 110 foot of water with lake trout caught bouncing the bottom and the steelhead hitting at 20 to 50 foot down. The best combination for the lake trout, continues to be metal Gold Star dodgers and silver spin doctors with spin n glos (yellow/silver, green/yellow and double trouble glow). These are run on the bottom on the downriggers and on the low wire divers. The steelhead were caught on the high divers (125 to 150 ft. out) with blue bubble flasher and flies and silver UV flashers and Oceana flies. We also caught steelhead on 100 copper and 250 copper with orange and green spotted super slim spoons. I have not had any good reports on the perch fishing and the steelhead … [Read more...]

06-26-2016 Lake Michigan Fishing Report – Ludington


Good fishing again today. No doubles or triples but the action was steady. After losing the first 2 fish our crew didn’t lose another one that hooked up. We fished south of Ludington between 70 and 90 feet of water. Our wire divers fished on or near the bottom were once again our hot rods. We took 2 fish on a rigger with a set of silver cow bells and a blue & silver Spin-N-Glo. Three fish came on a high wire diver with a chrome dodger/yellow Spin-N-Glo. The rest of our catch came on 8″ Chrome Spin Doctors with either a Spin-N-Glo or a Dreamweaver WhirlGig. I’m really likening the WhirlyGig. It seems to ride just a little higher than a Spin-N-Glo and doesn’t get as weeded up as they do. … [Read more...]

06-02-2016 Southern Lake Michigan Fishing Report


Coho Bob's Sportfishing Charters LLC reports: Fishing remains good out of St. Joe! Some kings and coho's with a steelhead mixed in. Plenty of lakers also! Pro-Troll UV Frog with Rapture asteroid fly has been working on the low divers set on 1 180-220 out! Meat on a large Pro-Troll with Rapture Red pepper teaser on a 300cu and a 2oz Stinger diver bomb pulled by a Church TX-44 has been working also! Stinger reg size coyote, blonde tangerine, yellow killer, and veggies on the riggers and free sliders are catching the coho's. Tin can on and near bottom with Raptures pearl pink dots spin n GLo with little bride fly is killing lakers! Coho Bob's Sportfishing Charters LLC   … [Read more...]

May 29th 2016 Lake Michigan Fishing Report


Fishing Report May 29th from Captain Gary from Rodmaster Charters. The strong waves the last couple of days have the water mixed up, it is dirty and fish scattered. We started south in 50 fow and caught a Master Angler 22 lb Lake Trout on a clown dodger with orange 'spin n glo' bouncing bottom with a drop weight. Marked fish but no other takers until we trolled a few miles north and caught a small king on a high diver out 150 feet with yellow sparkler spindoctor and yellow uv meatrig. We moved out to 140 fow and had one bite on a high diver out 130 feet with a dreamweaver Silver starburst resulting in a 16 lb master angler Steelhead. … [Read more...]

Lake Michigan Fishing Report from Holland


Fishing in Holland, Michigan is absolutely fantastic! The king salmon have shown up in big numbers! We’ve been taking anywhere from 10-20 salmon bites per day. Fishing does not get much better than it is right now. Right now we’re targeting salmon in 130-150 feet of water. Our best baits by far have been Big Weenie meat rigs. Speckled dick, Spotted dick, Blue Balls, and JJ’s boyfriend have all been great. 10in White slick spin doctor paired with Big Weenie No fish Nick has also been very good. Morgan’s copper in 150, 200, 225, 250, 300, 350 foot segments have been very good with magnum spoons in various colors. Lake Trout fishing is still VERY good south of Holland in 60-80 feet of water. Yakima Bait Spin n Glos are catching our trout with relative ease! Now is the time to get on the big lake and do some fishing! -Capt. TJ Willacker Bending Limits Charters 989-464-6546 … [Read more...]

05-20-2016 Northern Lake Michigan Fishing Report


Fishing is excellent at Ludington ! This 4 person limit of Lake Trout was the results of 3 1/2 hours of fishing. We had 24 fish on and boated 15, returning a few for next time. We fished 43 to 60 fow. Fish came on wire divers and lead drop bounced on bottom with copper dodger and chartreuse spin n glo, white dodger with orange spin n glo, lime and dark green dodger with green spin n glo, froggie spindoctor with green crinkle fly, gold flodger with orange spin n glo on 200 copper, 8 color lead core with froggie jointed Rapala, and rigger down 34 ft with magnum dreamweaver frog spoon. Rodmaster Fishing Charters, L.L.C. Ludington, Michigan Call now to reserve your trip: 517.712.8709 … [Read more...]

09-21-2015 Southern Lake Michigan Fishing Report


The season is coming to a close for the charter service; however the fishing continues to be very good in the 90 to 120 foot depth. The last couple of weeks produced some days of high winds and waves. During the blows the water temperature dropped for a day but then the warm water flowed back in and we had 68 degree water again. During the day or two of cooler water, a few salmon did show up at the piers but with the return of the warm water, they either moved up the river or moved back off shore. The fishing off shore is still very good with creel numbers in the teens and 4 to 6 “silver fish” in the catch each day. The last week our catch had more Coho and steelhead than Chinook salmon. The salmon and steelhead were caught on 100 to 200 copper with stingray size spoons (mixed veggie and mixed veggie UV) and on the high divers with Live Wire and Mixed Veggie Pro Troll with Oceana UV flies at 180 foot and 200 foot. Lake Trout continue to be caught on the bottom with metal flashers … [Read more...]

09-07-2015 Southern Lake Michigan Fishing Report


Captain Ron Westrate reports: Warm water fishing continues in Saugatuck. The top 60 foot of water is still 70 degrees, however a good thermocline has formed from 60 to 70 foot with a drop of 12 degrees. The fishing still remains very good in 90 to 100 foot of water with creel numbers in the teens and consisting of lake trout, Chinook salmon and Coho salmon along with an occasional steelhead. The lake trout continue to come in the bottom 10 foot of the water column on Gold Star metal dodgers and spin n glos. The salmon are coming on a variety of flashers and Green No See Um, Yellow beaded No See Um, Oceana Tuli, Oceana and Green Hypnotist flies pulled behind dipsy divers and 350 foot of copper. Early in the morning, glow “Upside Under” and regular Ace Hi plugs (Wonder Bread, Green Splatter Back, Glow Pearl and Green Lightning) work well on 150, 200 and 250 foot of copper. Another good combination is the 11 in Pro Troll UV blade with a No See Um UV fly run at 70 foot that … [Read more...]

August 31-2015 Southern Lake Michigan Fishing Report


Captain Ron Westrate reports from Saugatuck This past week produced some unpredictable results with creels of 10 to 16 fish consisting of ¾ salmon one day and then 1 or 2 salmon the next with the rest mostly lake trout. Warm water continues to dictate the location and movements of the salmon with most of the fish being caught in 80 to 100 foot of water. Early in the week the water temperature is 70 degrees on the surface and 70 degrees 100 foot down. By the end of the week the temperature was 68 degrees down to 70 foot and then dropped to the 50’s and 40’s at 100 foot. The salmon were mainly caught in the warm water 40 foot to 70 foot down and the lake trout were caught 80 foot to the bottom. The Chinook Salmon were caught on Ace Hi plugs on 200, 300 and 350 foot of copper. The best colors were pearl/glow, wonderbread/glow, silver green back and green/splatter back plugs. We also caught both salmon and lake trout on blue bubble, mixed veggie and silver flashers with … [Read more...]