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Captain Bill Winowiecki of Watta Bite Charters reports from Glen Arbor:

A little review of last year brought some good fishing to Glen Arbor.

The early Lake Trout season was good, lots of fish. The King’s started slow, but when they showed up it was the best fishing in the State of Michigan, South Manitou was on fire. Salmon fishing was great until the third week of August and the wind started to blow and blow very hard. It churned Lake Michigan up like a blender. The fall fishing was a wash all the way down the west coast. It killed charter fishing from Chicago to Mackinaw. What this means is that there are a lot of fish still out there waiting to be caught.

I’ve attended many meetings on the fishery over the winter. As many of you know I’m on the Lake Michigan Fishery Advisory Committee, I’m on the Michigan Charter Boat Association Board of Directors, and an active Member of the Grand Traverse Area Sports Fishing Association. My main goal was to get the Lake Trout size limits changed along with all these organizations we’ve finally achieved that goal. We can keep big Lake Trout this year!!!!!! This will make our spring fishery excellent. No more dragging these big fish in, to throw back to die.

I’ve spoken with many Captains down the West Coast of Lake Michigan they were very envious of the Salmon fishing we had on South Manitou. The big King’s showed up around the second week of July and stayed there until late August. It was sure a lot of fun. Every year the fish return to the Manitou Islands with the fall fishing so poor due to the winds, fishing should be real good this year.

Let’s go fishing!!
It will be another fun season.
Captain Bill

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Captain Ron Westrate of CoHooker Charters reports from Saugatuck:

Last week we did not fish when the weather was warm, clear and the winds
were light, instead we waited until we had 25 mph winds, 2 to 5 foot
seas and constant rain. With 3 out of 4 people chumming, the fishing was
good with a good catch of salmon and lake trout. We kept 4 salmon and 4
lake trout and returned some under size lake trout and lost some other
nice sized salmon. The best depth was 70 to 75 foot of water, fishing 30
to 60 foot down.

The best methods were downriggers at 35 foot, 50 foot and on the bottom
with regular stingers (green glow, green/blue dolphin on the 35 and 50
footers and a tin can flasher and spin and glow on the rigger on the
bottom. The dipsy divers were run at 90 and 150 foot out with the Hot
Chip flasher (frog/glow and silver mountain dew) and Rapture flies (wild
fern and green hypnotist) on the low diver and green dolphin stinger on
the high diver. The copper did not produce very well, however we had a
couple of hits on the 200 and 300 foot copper with the glow frog stinger
and yellow tail stingers.

This week Tuesday, 20 charter and private boats will be taking out 70
Saugatuck seventh grade students as a reward for participating in the
Salmon in the Classroom Project. We will leave the dock at 7 AM and
return at 12 noon. After pictures and cleaning of the catch, Ducks
Unlimited will treat the students to a fish fry for lunch at Tower
Marina in Douglas. Check back next week and I will update everyone on
the student fishing excursion and the fishing results during the week.

If you would like fishing and or charter reservation information, email
me at captron@chartermichigan.com.

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Captain Ed Stowe of Stowaway Charters reports from Ludington:

Ahoy there. The boat is out of storage and back in the water at the Ludington Municipal Marina. We are in slip #16 on dock F. I will be putting a fishing report at least once a week until the action picks up and then at least twice a week during the best part of the season. The browns and steelhead are in the nearshore waters but with all the East wind the fishing has been on the slow side. Rapala stick baits and Dreamweaver Super Slims painted in the Rapala colors are my best performers right now. The water in the Lake is super clear so we have to get the baits far behind the boards. Black and silver, Gold and silver, Chartreuse, and Red are all working. Lake trout season opened early for us but they are very elusive so far this spring. Good Fishin…..Capt Ed

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Captain Ron Westrate of CoHooker Charters reports from Saugatuck:

This past week produced some good catches of lake trout with a few
salmon thrown in. The good news is that the chinook salmon are running
a good size (mid teens) and appear to be in very good shape. To catch
the lake trout, bounce the bottom with metal dodgers with spin n glows
and rapture green hypnotist flies.. The best area was 50 to 70 foot of
water south of the Douglas Point which produced 8 to 15 lake trout per
trip that weighed up to 18 pounds. Saturday we tried to concentrate on
the salmon and caught some in 45 to 40 foot of water in the mixed water
off of the Saugatuck piers. 3 color and 5 color lead core with orange
crush and fruit cocktail stingers and dipsy divers at 70 and 90 foot out
with regular size Craigs X mas, Blueberry Muffin and Orange Dolphin
stingers. No fish on the downriggers and none on flat lines. The day
produced some small salmon in the 5 to 8 pound range, one chinook that
weighed 12 pounds and a lake trout. Not real productive, however it
might be worth trying if you do not want the lake trout.

For more information or for charter reservations, email me at
captron@chartermichigan.com. or call toll free at 888-253-8372.

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Captain Ron Westrate of CoHooker Charters reports from Saugatuck:

We only fished one day this past week with only lake trout showing up in the creel, however Thursday, Friday and Saturday boats reported some nice chinook being caught up to 19 pounds. We caught the lake trout south of the Douglas Beach to the point from 50 to 60 foot of water where the water began to clear. The boats that caught the salmon found them in 40 to 50 foot of water between Saugatuck and Holland.

The water temperature is the same from top to bottom and we caught most of the lake trout in the bottom 20 foot however some also hit flat lines and 3 and 5 color lead core. All of the fish came on spoons (we tried flashers with no success): blue dolphin mixed veggie, green glow, and yellow fin stingers. No color preference, it appears if it came in view they hit it. When I talked to some of the boats that got into chinook salmon, they reported the same thing with fish hitting stick baits, thin fins and spoons in a variety of colors. Probably because of the dirty water from the run off.

For more information and or charter reservations, email me at captron@chartermichigan.com

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aptain Ron Westrate of CoHooker Charters reports from Saugatuck:

When the weather permits, the fishing has been very good this last week.
Capt. Norm Coffman reported a limit catch of 20 coho and a lake trout
that was caught on Wed. in 20 to 30 foot of water. All the fish were
caught south of the Douglas point. Flat lines with stick baits and thin
fins (in a variety of colors) produced every fish. There were also some
reports of lake trout being caught in 50 to 60 foot of water and one
fisherman caught a few very nice chinook salmon in the mud line off the
Saugatuck piers.

River fishing on the Kalamazoo River continues to be slow with a few
steelhead being caught on their beds.

Perch fisherman are doing well (some reporting limit catches) out of
Grand Haven and one fisherman I talked to caught 25 perch just south of
the Holland piers.

For more information or charter reservations, email me at

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