07-17-2014 – Manistique


Captain John Gudwer of Lucky Line Fishing Charters from Manistique reports a nice day on the water with Bob and Bill, the fishing was slower than yesterday but we boated 11 fish throwing 2 small ones back. We ended up catching 7 kings, 3 steelhead and1 lake trout. The biggest was 19lb and there was couple 16lb also. Moonshine spoons caught all fish again, little buddy, green flounder rv, crab face rv and agent orange worked the best. … [Read more...]

07-11-2014 UP Northern Michigan:


Port Captain Bill Myers from Deltadawn Charters Reports from Gladstone :   Had a couple of charters -one evening trip to Manistique and another to Fairport. We picked up 3 in Manistique in 100ft of water on Cereal Killer meat rigs, 100 ft back. We dropped our lines at 8 am in Fairport and managed 5 on flasher flies and meat rigs on dipsies. We ran in anywhere from 80 to 160 ft of water and couldn't get spoons to go. Doesn't look good for tomorrow's charter with 2 to 4 footers predicted! … [Read more...]

07-03-2014 UP Northern Lake Michigan:


Port Captain Bill Myers from Deltadawn Charters Reports from Gladstone : It's a start! Made my first trip out to Fairport. We got two and had one on a 5-color. Both of these came off the downriggers, one on Bloody Nose at 80ft, and the other on a Flounder Pounder (both Moonshine lures) at 70 ft. Didn't find much bait and 55 ft. down the water temp was 46 degrees. Got the skunk out of the box! … [Read more...]

06-17-2014 UP Northern Lake Michigan


  Port Captain Bill Myers from Deltadawn Charters Reports from Gladstone The morning started out with a bang; thunder and lightning that is -with northeast winds at 5-10mph to boot. Luckily for us, the front passed and we set sail out of Gladstone harbor into the beautiful Bays de Noc. This was the second charter for the Harker family and the Delta Dawn. The first time out we went salmon fishing and mom and dad had to catch all the fish as the kids where to small to handle the salmon. So this morning, for our second adventure, we went walleye fishing and it was all up to the boys to bring in the days limit. Their face's said it all as soon as we got the lines in the water. It made me wonder just who got caught the fish or kids? After a beautiful mornings fishing, we ended up with 4 walleye in the box. We lost 4 and threw back 3 more, plus 3 bass. Unfortunately, the rain came back we called it a day. The boys wanted to stay but mom and dad said "no another time". … [Read more...]

05-25-2014 Upper Peninsula

Captain Bill Myers from Deltadawn Charters Reports from Gladstone: > May 25 2014 Walleye Charter They didn't come fast,had to work for them > Found them in 15 to 20 feet of water > Water temp 55 degree > South winds 10 to 15 and sunny > Put 8 in the box and lost few more > All in all had a great day on the water > Capt. Bill and long time charter friends the Frankensteins … [Read more...]