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Lake Michigan lake trout regulations

At public meetings in March and April, the Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) Fisheries Division staff will present information and take comments on possible changes to lake trout size and daily catch limits for northern Lake Michigan lake trout management zones MM-3, 4 and 5. Comments received will inform potential lake trout regulation changes in 2015.

Wednesday, April 16, at 5 p.m. at the East Bay Township Hall – MOVED TO NEW DATE BELOW:
1965 N. Three Mile Road, Traverse City

Wednesday, April 23, at 5 p.m. at the Frankfort City Hall
412 Main St., Frankfort Continue reading

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Spring Lake Huron fishery workshops

Spring Lake Huron fishery workshops offer current research and information about the fishery

The status of the Lake Huron fishery for the coming season is the topic of three upcoming fisheries workshops in the region.

The status of the Lake Huron fishery for the coming season is the topic of three upcoming fisheries workshops in the region.

In recent years, the Lake Huron fishery has undergone dramatic ecological changes, resulting from introductions and impacts of aquatic invasive species. Yet, much has been done by research and management agencies to understand and respond to these food web changes, such as identifying which fish thrive in Lake Huron’s altered ecosystem and adjusting stocking strategies and even species of fish stocked. Anglers, businesses, and communities depending on this fishery have adapted, too, targeting different—and even a wider variety of species—along with sometimes new fishing strategies to catch these fish. These collective efforts have aimed at reclaiming social and economic values from a Lake Huron fishery that has been changed environmentally, and are resulting in improving attitudes and value in what Lake Huron fishing has to offer us still today.

Because of this, Lake Huron anglers gearing up for spring fishing opportunities may be wondering about last year’s fishing trends, or where are the prospects when fishing Lake Huron this year? When Chinook salmon struggled, why do steelhead and Atlantic salmon seem to fare better in this altered Lake Huron ecosystem? Given food web changes, what is the outlook for forage fish populations (or the ‘food supply’) necessary for these prized predator fish? What’s happening with native fish populations, such as recovering lake trout populations and amazing walleye fishing in Lake Huron?  For answers to these questions and more, several opportunities exist this spring to hear directly from the fisheries experts who gather this information.


Workshop dates and locations include:

Port Huron  Apr 9, 2014 (Wednesday, 6–9 p.m.)  Charles A. Hammond American Legion Hall, 1026 6th Street, Port Huron, MI  48060

Alpena   Apr 22, 2014 (Tuesday, 6–9 p.m.)  NOAA Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center, 500 W. Fletcher St., Alpena, MI  49707

Cedarville   Apr 23, 2014 (Wednesday, 6–9 p.m.)  Les Cheneaux Sportsman’s Club, M-134, Cedarville, MI 49719

These workshops serve as a valuable networking and educational opportunity for all involved:

  • Recreational anglers have the opportunity to become better-educated anglers – learning about feeding trends of predator fish species may prove valuable in deciding where to fish or what lures to put into play while fishing this year.
  • Fishery businesses— sportfishing charters, commercial fishing, and bait shops— gain insights relating to Lake Huron fisheries resources around which their business depends. This information may prove useful in adapting business strategies, ranging from fishing practices to business marketing, and information that might be passed along in educating customers about the resource.
  • In trade for the informational updates they share, governmental research and management agencies value insights and input from this dialogue with anglers and citizen stakeholders on various fisheries management topics. The effectiveness of fisheries research and management, as well as community values gained from the Lake Huron fishery are enhanced through these Continue reading
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2014 Directory Web Updates complete

Captains – the MCBA web listings are run from a database. It has been updated, refreshed and posted to the web. We make mistakes so if you don’t see your name and you have paid and have your 2014 drug card let us know. If your email, port or anything else on your listing is incorrect we apologize. To contact us please use the “web updates” link above.

Thank you

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Moratorium on Web Updates

Captains, the MCBA site is run from a database. Presently the database is going through a review and scrub to make certain all the new information entered from your applications is reflected properly. As a result, no corrections to current listings can be made at this time. Once the database is uploaded, around January 10-13th all captains who have not paid will be removed and all others will see corrected listings.

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Increased Processing Times for Credentials, Security Endorsements, and Services

The National Maritime Center has released the following update.

This may affect your license renewal. (PDF)

The National Maritime Center (NMC) is presently experiencing elevated processing times and inventories for merchant mariner credential (MMC) applications, and other products and services. Those increases can be partly attributed to the recent lapse of appropriations (government furlough) and the surge of applicants seeking security endorsements required by January 1st, 2014. During the first 6 months of 2013, the NMC was providing an average of 500 security endorsements per month. Since September, the NMC has averaged nearly 3000 security endorsement applications and has issued over 2400 endorsements monthly. These submissions are in addition to our normal expected MMC applications. As a result, the NMC currently has a standing inventory level of application requests that has not been experienced since 2009; therefore, customers may note an increase in the time it takes to process applications and to respond to customer inquiries in the Call Center. The system generated e-mails that mariners receive indicating potential production and delivery dates are not accurate at this time. We are looking into resolving this discrepancy.

Following the lapse in appropriations in October, initial steps to reprioritize credentialing evaluation and production efforts were enacted, and those efforts continue. The NMC has significant experience responding to and managing periods and volumes of increased credential, product, and service requests, and has implemented additional contingency plans within our legal and operational authorities to address those products and services that are being negatively impacted. We hope such efforts will reduce our elevated response and processing times in the near future.

As always, you are highly encouraged to continue sending in your applications for all products and services in a timely fashion, and we will do everything to restore the same level of product and service delivery you have become accustomed to. Thank you for your patience while we process your requests. We will continue to update you as we move forward in this effort.

/J.P. Novotny/
Jeffrey P. Novotny
Captain, U. S. Coast Guard Commanding Officer

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Culinary Tourism Alliance invites you

Get in on the ground floor of the next BIG Michigan promotion …

The success of Michigan Catch and Cook program has opened up many new opportunities to partner with your local restaurants and extend your customer’s fishing experience into port communities, and that is good for everyone!

Now Michigan is taking it one step further.

Michigan is on the cusp of some delicious developments and you’re invited to help foster it to fruition! Join up for the first Culinary Tourism Alliance meeting for Prosperity Region #2 (see regional prosperity initiative map).

Region #2 -Initial Meeting
December 17, 2013
Boyne District Library Community Room

Culinary Tourism is a growing trend in tourism, as consumers spend an increasing amount of time and money engaging in authentic and unique food and beverage experiences when they travel. An increase in media coverage for food information (Food Network etc.) and the internet have helped consumers pursue this area of interest.

The Michigan Culinary Tourism Alliance is an initiative to raise awareness about the economic benefits of promoting Michigan as a culinary destination. To move the initiative further, regional Culinary Tourism Alliances are forming to identify, create, and promote unique culinary opportunities around Michigan.

You’re invited, please join up for the first meeting of the Region #2 Alliance. To participate, simply send your RSVP to

Contact: Maia Turek
Recreation Programmer
DNR Parks and Recreation

Thank you for your contributions to culinary tourism in Pure Michigan and we look forward to seeing you in Boyne!

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