Secrets to Allow Commercial Netters to Keep Walleye and Lake Trout

by Capt. Terry R. Walsh  A few years ago, a Michigan State University fisheries student spent an entire summer on commercial fishing boats in Saginaw Bay. His objective was to determine the amount of walleye caught as “by-catch” (non-targeted species) in commercial small mesh trap nets. The results estimated that between 23,500 and 102,000 walleye are easily killed in commercial nets during the course of a given season.

So why is the DNR even thinking of allowing commercial netters to keep five pounds of walleye “by- catch” per net each time nets are pulled when annually such a large number of walleye are killed each season? Under the proposed new law a netter with 20 or more nets listed on his license would be al- lowed up to 100 pounds per license whether or not he actually had that many nets set. If all the current licenses in Saginaw Bay were active and fished, up to 680 pounds of walleye can be kept each day the nets are lifted. Instead, the emphasis should be placed on compensating the commercial netters and removing as many small mesh trap nets as possible from the bay.

Shiny apps for acoustic surveys of Michigan and Huron

Two new apps have been published to allow people to visualize acoustic fish density time series and coarse-scale (stat district level) spatial patterns for data from 2004 to 2015. David Warner, Research Fisheries Biologist U.S.G.S. Great Lakes Science Center said they will be adding 2016 data as soon as the reports are through USGS review process.  
Although some of had hoped this would have bottom trawl data as well, Warners said they did not have time to work on that because the plots and maps need to be a fair bit different.  Perhaps that will be a goal to soon.
Feel free to share this with the LMTC, LHTC, LHC, or the public.
The link to the GLSC web site that has the Shiny link (along with two others) is below.  The app with acoustic data is the third link in the list.
Direct link to Shiny app for acoustic survey data…
Link to GLSC page with two other Shiny apps (one with lamprey data by Jean Adams)…

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