Denny Grinold 2016 Person Of The Year

Michigan Outdoor News Awarded Denny Grinold 2016 Person Of The Year       Politicians respect him, but he is not a politician. Biologists listen when he speaks, but he’s not a biologist. He’s a charter boat captain and an auto mechanic, but most of all he’s an advocate, activist, supporter, and protector of the Great Lakes. …

Judge Stops Lethal Cormorant Control

LAKE HURON CITIZENS’ FISHERY ADVISORY COMMITTEE By Capt. Terry R. Walsh – Past President US DISTRICT JUDGE STOPS LETHAL CORMORANT CONTROL A US District judge has stopped the abilities of the states to effectively manage cormorant control through lethal means. As a migratory bird, cormorants are under the jurisdiction of the US Fish and Wildlife …

Visionary DNR chief returns to historic salmon project hatchery

Howard Tanner returns to Platte River hatchery On Monday, April 4, 2015, former DNR fisheries chief Howard Tanner returned to the Platte River state hatchery, where he initiated the popular Great Lakes salmon fishing experiment in 1966. (Garret Ellison | Read the articles here  

Don’t turn lakes into ‘toilet bowl’

Outdoors Don’t turn lakes into ‘toilet bowl’ The importance of farming is not to be underestimated. It contributes billions to Michigan’s economy. But should farmers dictate what happens in our Great Lakes and rivers? That’s another matter entirely and one of the most important issues we will face this year. Legislation introduced by Sens. Tom …

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