Robotic submarine to study fish in Lake Michigan

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Researchers at Purdue University are using a robotic submarine and other specialized tools in Lake Michigan to gather biological and environmental data showing how young fish vital to the ecosystem may cope with future climate change. The researchers are correlating larval fish growth with various factors, including water temperatures near the …

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Ludington votes down Wind Farm – project moves south to Pentwater

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Story By Bob Allen

The Company proposing the first large offshore wind farm in Michigan will move its project away from Ludington.

The Mason County Board of Commissioners last night refused to endorse the Scandia Wind proposal. It voted 9-to-1 against it.

Mike Schneider is chair of the Board: “I think this company came in too early. They didn’t have all their homework done. And they were scrambling at the end.”

Schneider says Scandia officials were trying to convince him to postpone the vote right up to meeting time.

Over the last half-year or so Scandia has hosted several public meetings in the Ludington area to answer questions, and the company has a web site with details about the project.

Steve Warner with Scandia says an important voice was missing from the discussion last night, that of working people.

“It was pretty clear the retirees or near retirees were voicing their opinion,” he says. “There’s a lot of disinformation.” 

Scaling Back, Moving South
Scandia now plans to scale down the wind farm and shift it closer to Pentwater, in Oceana County.

And Warner hopes to dispel some concerns at more meetings over the summer.

But Pentwater has been a hot bed of opposition right from the start, especially from people who own property along the shoreline and who don’t want to look at windmills.


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