Ports Species Boat Information
BEAVER ISLANDSalmon, Steelhead, Brown, Lake Trout, WalleyeKittly Hawk
35' Viking Invader
16531 Bay Heights Dr., Presque Isle, MI, 49777

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Charter Captain from BEAVER ISLAND, Michigan

Lake Michigan Excusions Charters from the port of Beaver Island, Michigan located at 46.019853,-85.523071 on Lake Michigan, Great Lakes Region, USA Beaver Island as we know it first appeared out of the ice eleven thousand years ago. Since then, its form has changed considerably because of the rise and fall of Lake Michigan, which has ranged over a differential of 375'. The Lake dropped to a very low level about 8,000 years ago, and stayed down for 4,000 years. During this time, this land was not an island at all but an appendage of the mainland. Then the Lake rose to 30' above its present level, submerging all of Beaver except the central plateau. Next, it dropped about ten feet, producing a slightly smaller version of our present Island. The edge of this configuration was layered with beach gravel.

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